The Material

All of our pans have a copper core, which is famed for its mastery of heat. Copper is highly conductive of heat so it warms up quickly and distributes heat evenly—which means no more hot spots, and no more weird pancakes that are black on one end and lily white on the other. (That’s why we named our cookware The 29 Collection: copper is the 29th element.)

Pure copper cookware is beautiful, but requires heavy maintenance as it is reactive to acids and oxidizes over time. We surrounded our copper core with four layers of aluminum and stainless steel, so you can have the benefits of copper without the upkeep. Thanks to that copper core, you can get a good sear in our nonstick pan, and get crisp-skinned fish that slides off easily. Plus, it can safely go into the oven and the dishwasher.

“Material launches new copper pans that are more affordable than the current industry leader.”

Our 5-ply construction also means that your pans will never warp. These are, quite literally, made to last forever. So many pans last 2-3 years at most, and then sadly end up in landfills. These pans are sturdy enough and beautiful enough to become heirlooms—even in non-stick.

And speaking of that: we know there is a lot of concern around the health effects of nonstick pans. Ours is a proprietary blend reinforced with a stainless steel alloy that is fume-free and made without PFOA, lead, or cadmium. It is extremely important to us to use materials that not only perform over time but are also not harmful to our bodies or the planet. Unlike "ceramic" (silica-based sol-gel) pans, ours won’t scratch a few months in and stop working; a third-party test showed that our coating lasts 37 times longer than the leading ceramic pan.

The Design

Despite its sturdy build, The Coated Pan is light enough to hold with one hand, which makes transferring food in and out of it effortless. The edge curves ever so slightly outwards, which makes for easy pouring when you want to top your freshly seared steaks with a pan sauce. Because a pan should be easy to clean, but it also shouldn’t create spills and splatters when you try to pour from it.