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Are you looking for the best aged domain courses online? The ones that teach you the fundamentals for buying, analyzing, and vetting?

Plus, everything else in between.

If you are, you’ve come to the right place.

This no-fluff article will show you the best courses available today. We’ll touch on utilizing aged domains to build, flip or monetize and what to look for in a course before you even think about buying it.

Plus much more.

Let’s get to it.

What are Aged Domains?

Aged domains are old domain names that have expired. As a result, they’re available to purchase by the public.

People prefer aged domains because they help you to rank faster and often better due to the backlinks and the fact that it’s not a new domain name.

New domain names need time to build trust and start with a zero DA (domain authority) score. However, if purchased at the right time, an aged domain can keep the current DA score and benefit from existing backlinks and authority.

The advantage is instrumental and gives you an edge when starting a new website or project.

How Can You Utilize Aged Domains

As mentioned, there are plenty of benefits to using an aged domain. Besides the obvious benefits of a higher DA score, backlinks, and competitive advantage, you can also utilize them in various other ways.

Here are a few ways to use them.

Build & Monetize Sites

If you’re going to build a niche website, you could give yourself a boost at the start by purchasing an aged domain relevant to your chosen niche. 

Doing this will help you rank your content faster because your blog will already have a trust factor with the search engines. Additionally, if you purchase the domain before Google recognizes that it’s dropped, you can quickly add content of a similar nature for even more SEO benefits.

For example, when someone doesn’t renew a domain name, it goes up for sale on a domain name auction before it gets dropped. If you buy the domain from the action, it doesn’t technically get dropped, and even if it did, you still get to keep the backlinks, etc.

Having a domain name with more backlinks and a higher DA score will help you drive more traffic, which you can use to monetize your site with ads or affiliate links.

You can read more about this strategy and how to build a website with an aged domain in this Twitter thread from Ted French.

Flip For More Money

Another way to utilize old domain names and make money from them is to flip them on domain name marketplaces. 

Just like you can flip websites, you can also flip domains.

The process involves purchasing a domain name for a reasonable price and then reselling (flipping) at a higher price. 

There’s a learning curve, and you need to understand what to look for to spot the best deals and opportunities; however, it can become a profitable business strategy once you learn this.

Below is a brief list of the most popular domain name auction and marketplaces to buy and sell domains:

Use As Powerful Redirections

You can use the dropped domain name as a redirect to give your current website a powerful SEO boost. This strategy is an advanced move that website builders use to take advantage of the domain’s backlinks and authority.

Of course, you need to know what you’re doing here; topical relevancy and vetting are crucial before attempting any 301 redirects, so be sure to learn up on this from someone who knows what they’re doing.

The main point is that you can use an aged domain to build up the authority of an existing website (or a new one) by using a redirect. For example, you can redirect the domain to your home page or category pages or even use it as an MA approach (merger and acquisition).

4 Must-Haves In An Aged Domain Course

Now that you know what aged domains are and why they’re helpful let’s discuss what should be in a course before purchasing.

Any course you buy should have the following included at a minimum.

1. How To Find Aged Domains

You’ll need to know the best methods and places to find aged domains. Good courses will show you the best auction sites and marketplaces and mention the best software.

If the course seller has the experience, they’ll provide you with expert knowledge and tips on finding good domains and advice on the best way to use the platforms. 

They’ll also advise about any tools they have used with success.

2. How To Vet Domains

While some domain auction sites and marketplaces will vet the domain for you, it’s always best to know how to do this yourself.

An excellent aged domain course will include advice on vetting domains and the due diligence involved before purchasing.

For example, you’ll want to learn how to spot poor quality backlinks to the domain and if any Google penalties and spam warnings are attached to the URL.

In addition, you need to understand how to check the domain name history, topical relevance, trademark concerns, and more.

3. How To Get a Good Price

Any course worth the fee will show you how to get a reasonable price for the domains you purchase or flip. The information covered in the course should cover the fundamental strategies that will teach you to spot the best deals and get the best price in return.

4. How To Use Them

It’s one thing to get advice on what to do with an aged domain, but nothing beats getting shown step-by-step how to do something.

Ensure the course shows you how to do the essential things like due diligence, setting 301 redirects, and performing a domain audit.

Learning how to do this will help you tremendously.

3 Best Aged Domain Courses

During my research, I discovered three courses worth of a mention. These are the best three options available today.

Let’s have a closer look at each one.

1. The Course on Aged Domains by The Website Flip

​​The first course to talk about is one created by Mushfiq. Mushfiq is an authority figure in the website flipping and domain space. He has sold over 190 websites and used aged domains for many years — building and selling multiple websites with big profit-generating margins.

He owns the popular website ‘The Website Flip’ and coaches clients on using aged domains effectively through his courses and one-one coaching.

His aged domain course is complete, thorough, detailed, and comes with fantastic bonuses.

You receive:

  1. Over 4 hours’ worth of video instructions detailing everything you need to know about buying, selling, and using aged domains
  2. Real-life case studies using the strategies mentioned in the course. What makes them unique is that the case studies consist of failed and successful outcomes, which provides a better learning experience.
  3. Due diligence teardowns. These are four walkthroughs of performing due diligence on aged domains.
  4. Decent Bonuses 
  5. Lifetime updates
  6. Money-back guarantee
  7. Plus more.

The course starts with videos telling you what you need to know about the course, aged domains, and the good and bad ways to use them.

You then get three different videos on how to use the domains. These videos cover building a new site, 301 redirecting, and creating a microsite with merging.

The following module focuses on redirect frameworks. They teach you about using 301 redirects in more detail and offer advice on the wildcard, silo, and MA approach, including variations of all three.

How to find aged domains and due diligence make up the following two modules, and you have six videos in total covering the essential aspects of each. You learn about the best marketplaces, auctions, and search tools, plus the investment criteria and six-step due-diligence framework.

In addition to the above, you also have modules on setting everything up and excellent bonuses modules.

The course is online-based and available to watch immediately after payment. The price is $390, and with your purchase comes access to a private Facebook group and a $200 credit for Odys age domain marketplace.


  • Learn from a trustworthy authority with experience in using aged domains
  • In-depth detailed videos perfect for newbies
  • Fantastic bonuses that are relevant to the course
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Lifetime updates & access
  • Failed case studies included
  • Private Facebook group
  • A great course providing excellent value for money


  • No quizzes at the end of each module or lessons

If you’re a newbie to using aged domains, the course is perfect, but even if you have some experience, the knowledge from Mushfiq and the system will give you value for your money — he guarantees it!

2. Aged Domain Course by Shawna Newman 

Shawna Newman has built the next course. Like Mushfiq, Shawna has experience buying and selling websites and domain names.

Shawna owns the Skipblast website and sells numerous courses on various topics related to business and digital marketing. She first sold a website in 2009 and started to dabble in aged domains about two years ago.

She admits that she had 20 failed attempts at first before finding a repeatable system using Odys Global — she shares the system in the course.

Although not quite as popular and in-depth as the course offered on the website flip, her approach is still worthy of a mention and will benefit those looking for a cheaper alternative.

You get:

  • 13 videos of content (around 75 minutes in total)
  • Access to a private forum
  • Lifetime updates
  • Lifetime Access

The first module introduces you to the course and provides advice on aged domains, including the differences between fresh, expired, and aged, plus where to purchase them.

You then receive advice on the best practices, ways to use them, and other things you need to know.

After this comes the last two modules, which focus on what to look for, due diligence (including a 26.13-minute walkthrough), stand-alone sites vs 301 redirects, and best practices.

The course finishes with videos on what to do after your domain is live on a new site.

To get your hands on Shawna’s course, you will have to pay $199


  • Ahrefs is the only tool needed for her system
  • The course is short and easy to watch in one sitting
  • Less than $200
  • Lifetime access and updates
  • Private forum


  • It’s a bit shallow in content for a course
  • More content on 301 redirects would have been nice

This course offers a short breakdown of using aged domains. You learn how to find them and also what to do with them.

3. SEO Secrets of Google: Expired Domains & 301 Redirects

I decided to put this course in the guide because it offers advice on expired domains, 301 redirects, and essential advice on buying and using them.

The course covers:

  • The reason why using expired domains is so powerful
  • How to use them to grow organic search (so helpful if using for a new website)
  • The Merger technique
  • Does the domain have a clean history (vetting)
  • Is the domain history relevant
  • Are the backlinks sticky

It’s not exactly a complete course on using aged domains, but some will find it a helpful addition, and it costs less than $20, so it’s suitable for most budgets.

The course owner is Zach Miller, a sales funnel consultant who sells his courses on Udemy. His approach helps websites rank better in the search engines by using 301 redirects. 


  • Good content on 301 redirects
  • Inexpensive course
  • Easy and quick to watch
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Not an entire course on aged domains
  • Some of the content will be irrelevant
  • No updates since 2020

The course is currently on sale (on Udemy) for $19.99 (reduced from $59.99). It consists of 90 minutes of video, lifetime updates, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How To Choose An Aged Domain Course

The three courses mentioned above offer valuable information for those looking for advice on using aged domain names. 

Before deciding on which one to purchase, consider the following.

Your Existing Knowledge

If you have zero knowledge of the subject and want a course that takes you by the hand from beginning to end, you’ll need to opt for an in-depth course with detailed videos.

Don’t purchase a course that will leave you scratching your head halfway through.

Course Author Verifiable Experience

Is the course creator experienced in what they’re teaching? Verifiable experience is one of the most important considerations before parting with any money.

If the author has lots of positive feedback and features on multiple podcasts and websites, you can safely presume that they are an authority.

However, proceed with caution if you struggle to find any trace of them concerning the material on the course.

Price Point

Your budget will play an essential role in the course you choose. However, review what you’re getting before opting for the cheaper option.

At first, what seems like a great deal, could turn out to be a mistake. For example, it might leave out or explain important aspects in minor detail. Yes, you may have saved a bit of money, but have you been educated to the standard needed?

I understand that budgets are budgets, and some people can’t afford specific courses, but if you’re simply trying to save a few bucks, make sure it’s worth it in the long run.


Is the course kept up to date, and do you get lifetime updates and access? For instance, the one on Udemy has some good advice, but it hasn’t been updated since 2020. 

When deciding on any course, ensure it’s updated when needed because strategies and methods constantly evolve.

What Course Carries The Best Information?

The course that stands head and shoulders above the rest is the Aged Domain Course On The Website Flip. Mushfiq has created a course perfect for both beginners and intermediate users. 

It’s packed with solid advice, information, and excellent bonuses crucial for anyone wishing to use aged domains effectively.

Here’s a list of the actionable takeaways from the article:

  • Aged domains are a great way to give your website a boost and advantage over other websites. 
  • You get to keep the backlinks from the domain name.
  • 301 redirects, building a blog, and flipping are three popular uses of using an aged domain
  • Always be sure to vet your domains before purchasing.
  • The best aged domain course is the one created by Mushfiq, available on The Website Flip

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