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It’s no secret that we’re living in a digital age where traffic is the new currency. 

Whether you’re a seasoned publisher or just starting out, manager of a full-blown website or just managing a buzzing social media page, there’s one fact that remains: traffic can be turned into revenue. 

But how? With a SmartLink.

SmartLink is a piece of technology that’s making monetization as simple as a click. It monetizes your traffic in just one click.

Let’s dive into its benefits, features, and recent upgrades that are enhancing profitability and simplicity for publishers worldwide.

What is a SmartLink?

A SmartLink, also known as Direct Link, in the most straightforward terms, is a unique URL that redirects users to the most relevant offers based on multiple parameters like geographic location, device preferences, and personal attributes. 

The SmartLink effectively acts as a digital matchmaking service for your ads and users or as a bridge between your traffic and the potential revenue you can earn.

This means that instead of having to manually sort through a multitude of offers, SmartLink does the heavy lifting, saving you time and effort. You no longer need to worry about selecting the right ad for each user, SmartLink does that for you.


This means that instead of having to manually sort through a multitude of offers, SmartLink does the heavy lifting, saving you time and effort. You no longer need to worry about selecting the right ad for each user, SmartLink does that for you.

How does SmartLink Work?

SmartLink uses advanced algorithms that take users’ demographics and psychographics into account to identify the most relevant ad for each user. By doing this, it ensures maximum relevance and likelihood of conversion, leading to increased profitability.

How do I set up a SmartLink?

This intelligent tool is super-flexible and easy to implement. All you need to do is grab a SmartLink, place it on your website, or embed it on your social media page. When users click, they’re redirected to an offer page tailored to their interests and preferences. No coding knowledge is required, all you need to do is copy and paste. Easy peasy.

SmartLink is compatible with all types of traffic – websites, social media, email, in-app, and even remnant traffic.

With the power of this tool at your fingertips, you’re no longer just a publisher – you’re an ad strategist, guiding your users toward content they’re more likely to engage with.

Who Can Use SmartLink?

This feature works for countless professionals across the digital monetization industry.

Here’s just a sample of some use cases:

  • Site Owners: SmartLink is a user-friendly monetization format, ensuring ads don’t obstruct content viewing. The ad opens only when a user clicks on a site element tied to the Direct Link.
  • Social Publishers: For those who operate mainly on social networks, SmartLink offers a huge advantage. Given that it can be installed anywhere, it’s a great tool for making money off of free traffic from websites and apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram. However, adding it directly to articles or comments is not something we advise as most social media platforms strongly dislike that and may penalize you for doing so.
  • Affiliate Marketers / Media Buyers: Those working with paid traffic can use SmartLink as a standalone solution or as an additional monetization tool when working with CPA networks.
  • Ad & CPA networks: Occasionally, these networks can monetize remnant traffic using SmartLink, which their own feed might not be able to do.

In essence, the adaptability of SmartLink makes it a versatile tool for anyone looking to monetize their digital platforms.

Website Publishers and Smart Links Combination

Here are a few reasons why niche website publishers can utilize Smart Links:

  • Profitability: SmartLink users have experienced higher profits due to the advanced targeting and precision of ads. For example, one Monetag publisher using SmartLink saw their daily profit surge from $358.16 with 376,473 impressions to $865.24 with over a million impressions in just a few days. Another publisher clocked in a profit of $2,014.82 with 350,744 impressions in a single day! And that’s just a snapshot view of what SmartLink has done for two publishers!
  • Ease of Use: No elaborate setup or technical know-how is needed. All it takes is copying and pasting the link to your platform. No need for developers or coding here.
  • Flexibility: Whether it’s tucked in the text, placed on a banner, or tied to a CTA button, SmartLink can fit anywhere on your site or landing page. It’s also compatible with all other ad formats, making it a perfect complement to your advertising toolkit.

Recent SmartLink Upgrades

While SmartLink is already a powerhouse tool, the team at Monetag is relentless in its pursuit to make it even better for publishers. With the recent SmartLink upgrades, they’ve managed to widen the pool of offers and make optimization more accurate. 

Now, users are served with the most relevant ads, increasing the chances of conversions. This means more money in your pocket as a publisher. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

And the upgrades haven’t stopped yet, the Monetag team is continuing to improve the feature so publishers can look forward to even more targeted ad delivery, more streamlined user experience, and of course, higher profitability. 


It’s clear that SmartLink is standing out as a game-changing feature for publishers, affiliate marketers, and advertisers alike. From its ease of use, and compatibility with different traffic sources, to its high profitability, it’s a simple feature that is creating countless opportunities to scale monetization for everyone.

Sign up and try SmartLink today. Happy monetizing!

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