11 Best Online Communities for Niche Website Builders & Flippers

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Online communities on private forums and Facebook Groups offer a lot of information, inspiration, and support for niche website builders and investors.

Since most niche site builders work alone, getting support from a community can be invaluable for guidance, motivation, learning, and networking.

Let’s get into it!

4 Benefits of Joining a Niche Site Community

Building a niche site can be a lonely journey with discouraging setbacks like slow traffic growth from the Google sandbox or traffic drops from Google algorithm updates. Some benefits of joining a community are:

  1. Hearing from others working on the same goals and facing similar challenges.
  2. Asking questions about building niche sites from more experienced operators and investors.
  3. Getting motivation from successful outcomes shared in the community.
  4. Networking opportunities with other niche site builders and investors.

Best Niche Website Communities: My Favorites

Here are my top online communities for niche website builders and investors:

1. The Website Flip Club – Facebook Group

The Website Flip Club Facebook group to build a community of people interested in website flipping and website investing. Members discuss conducting due diligence for buying existing sites and tactics for growing sites.


  • Regular Q&As
  • Learn from other experienced website flippers and investors in our community
  • It’s free to join


  • Not for beginner questions. The focus is on advanced topics only

Make sure to read about website flipping concepts before joining this group.

2. Fat Stacks – Forum Community 

The Fat Stacks community by Jon Dykstra is a paid membership that is included when purchasing any of Jon’s courses. It has over 2,300 members and Jon is active daily in the community. Jon has a portfolio that earns over $100,000 per month and he shares a lot of valuable information on the forum.


  • Some members earn very high monthly revenue from display ads and they share information about what is working (one member earns over $120k per month). 
  • One member recently sold their site for over $300k and documented their journey on the forum.
  • Members also share failures such as losing a high percentage of revenue from a Google update.
  • Occasionally, sites are offered for sale (Jon charges a fee of $100 to post a site for sale).
  • Uses the Discourse forum platform (not Facebook).


  • Costs money to join (requires the purchase of any course which are priced at $147 and up).
  • Discussion about affiliate marketing is limited as the focus is on monetization by display ads.

3. Income School – Forum Community

This is a paid forum focused on earning money with blogging that is managed by The Income School. 


  • The community is very open and helpful with some members even sharing the URL of their sites and revenue numbers.
  • Members sometimes offer their sites for sale.
  • Uses the Discourse platform instead of Facebook.


  • It costs $449 to join ($249 annual renewal fee).
  • Some complain that there are too many beginner questions.
  • This community is more beginner-focused (although there are some experienced members as well).

4. Niche Pursuits – Facebook Group

The Niche Pursuits community is large and active, with many interesting topics discussed.


  • With over 25,000 members, this is one of the largest niche website communities.
  • Niche Pursuits founder Spencer Haws is active in the community.
  • A mix of experienced investors and beginners.
  • They do a good job of moderation as most posts are on-topic.
  • It’s free to join.


  • Due to the large size of the group, there may be some low-quality posts or advice.

5. Flipping Websites – Facebook Group

Flipping Websites is a free Facebook group run by Investors Club. The main purpose of the group is for members to list websites they are selling (which are unvetted so due diligence is essential). Websites offered for sale should earn less than $500 per month.


  • Great way to find undervalued deals and avoid fees at brokers.
  • Lots of sites are posted for sale each day.


  • Deals are not vetted and scams are possible (make sure to do your own due diligence and use escrow).
  • Many sites are low quality or low revenue, so you will have to filter through a lot of bad sites.

6. Niche Website Flippers – Facebook Group

This is a group by the content agency Niche Website Builders and is specifically for posting sites or aged domains for sale. It is similar to the Flipping Websites group, except websites are not limited to $500 earnings per month and can be more expensive.  


  • You can find deals with a lower multiple than marketplace listings.
  • You can post about the type of site you are looking to purchase.
  • Lots of websites and aged domains are posted each day.


  • Sites are not vetted so make sure to complete your own due diligence and be aware of common scams.
  • Many of the sites are built by non-native English speakers (content may need to be re-written).
  • You will have to filter through many low-quality site listings.

7. AdThrive Community – Facebook Group

Most of the 2,700 members of this Facebook group run a successful blog earning significant income. If you can get accepted (it requires owning a site using AdThrive), you can gain access to a group of smart and experienced website builders.


  • Members can post their site for sale (which are AdThive approved).
  • Most members of this group have experience growing a site to about 100,000 monthly pageviews or more. 
  • Good networking opportunities with people running high-traffic sites.
  • They allow self-promotion on specific posts (e.g. “Share your St. Patrick’s Day content!”)


  • You need to have an AdThrive approved website to join.
  • Many posts are random or off-topic questions that you have to filter through.

8. Mediavine Publisher Group – Facebook Group

With about 6,400 members, the Mediavine Publisher Group is an exclusive community of website owners that use Mediavine display ads. Similar to the AdThrive community, members have experience building high traffic sites (Mediavine requires a minimum of 50k monthly sessions).


  • Lots of experienced site operators share insights on growing high traffic sites.
  • Great networking opportunities with successful site builders.


  • They don’t allow members to post sites for sale.
  • You need to have a Mediavine approved website to join.
  • Some people complain about members giving bad SEO advice. 

9. Ezoic Community – Facebook Group

The Ezoic Publishers group on Facebook has a membership of over 4,000 people who have been accepted by Ezoic. 


  • Fairly easy to get into since Ezoic will accept most content sites even if the traffic is low.
  • Some interesting success stories are shared (one member earned over $70k in a month).


  • A lot of posts are basic questions that could have been Googled.
  • A higher percentage of beginners compared to other communities.
  • Many posts are specifically about the Ezoic platform which may not be relevant to you.

10. Authority Site System Mastermind – Facebook Group

This is an exclusive group of about 4,800 members who have purchased the Authority Hacker beginner course called “Authority Site System”.


  • Some members earn thousands of dollars per month or have sold a site for over $100k and share their experience.
  • More of a focus on monetization through affiliate programs than other communities.
  • Members can post sites for sale in the group (these are not vetted by Authority Hacker).
  • Direct access to the creators of Authority Hacker (Gael and Mark) and their team.


  • Must purchase the Authority Site System course which costs at least $599 (no renewal fees).

Authority Hacker also has a “high-level Facebook mastermind” with about 2,400 people who have purchased the more expensive Authority Hacker Pro course.

11. The Affiliate Lab – Facebook Group

This private Facebook group is for members of The Affiliate Lab course which costs around $999 to purchase without a discount. It is run by Matt Diggity, a well-regarded influencer in the SEO and affiliate space who has flipped one health content website for over $900,000 profit.


  • Advanced level techniques in link building and affiliate marketing are discussed.
  • Opportunity to learn and network from many high-earning affiliate marketers. 


  • One of the more expensive groups to join.

Final Thoughts

Joining multiple online communities is a great resource for learning from others in niche website building and investing space. 

Hearing about the successes and failures of others pursuing the same goals can help you stay motivated and persist through the obstacles that inevitably arise.

Additionally, you can find networking opportunities, get answers to specific questions, and even find a great deal on a website for sale.

Charles Sipe is a niche website investor and SEO specialist with a degree in Marketing from the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. Charles writes technical content that analyzes market trends in the website flipping and SEO industry. Check out Charle’s LinkedIn.