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Aged domains allow you to skip over traditional obstacles to ranking a new site, such as the alleged Google sandbox and issues getting your first few backlinks.

The primary issue many newcomers have is where to buy aged domains. Many marketplaces have low-quality domains that have been tainted with link spam or used for PBNs. 

That’s where using a platform like Odys Global can be helpful. Odys is a marketplace for high-quality aged domains. The best part, they do most of the work vetting each domain so that you don’t have to.

I will be walking you through how to use Odys, why they are the best, and my experiences.

Let’s get into it!

What is Odys Global? 

Odys Global is one of the largest marketplaces for high-quality aged domains. The company offers a wide range of highly brandable and SEO valuable domains to members.

Because every domain goes through a strict vetting process, you can find better quality domains on the platform than many of the usual expired and aged domain marketplaces.

However, the higher quality comes with a higher price. You should expect to spend low to mid-four figures.

Aside from their domain marketplace, Odys also offers done-for-you website services. This service includes:

  1. Hosting
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Professional Branding
  4. On-page SEO
  5. Custom WordPress Theme
  6. Competitive Analysis
  7. SSL Certificate
  8. Custom Content Packages

Their websites start at a few thousand dollars and go as high as $10,000 or more for a complete authority sites.

How To Use Odys in 4 Easy Steps: Step-By-Step Guide

One of the things I like about the Odys marketplace is how easy it is to use. That said, there are some peculiarities that you will need to understand before getting started. 

1. Requesting Access To The Marketplace

The first thing to know is that you can’t just sign up for the Odys marketplace. To keep the platform secure and maintain a high-quality marketplace, you must first apply and request access.

Odys makes this easy to accomplish through multiple call-to-action buttons on the homepage and in the header menu. The application is simple and only requests your name, email, password, and information about why you would like access to the platform.

Once you’ve sent in your request to join, you will be required to verify your email. Your request to join will likely take a few hours to a few days to be approved.

2. Filter Through Domains

After being approved, you can use various filters on the marketplace to narrow down the exact domains you may be interested in.

I recommend that you start by narrowing down domains by industry. Odys allows selection from dozens of different industries to make it easy to find domains relevant to your niche.

Ideally, this will leave you with a shortlist of potential domains that you can more easily sort through. If you have a specific budget in mind, you can next filter out domains that exceed your budget.

If you don’t have a specific budget, look at domains that meet other criteria you may have, such as minimum referring domains, minimum domain authority, etc. Once you have a shortlist of domains, move on to the next step.

3. Conduct Due Diligence On Domains of Interest

Even though Odys has an extensive vetting process, no system is perfect. You must conduct due diligence on each domain you are interested in purchasing. The two key things I recommend looking at are the backlink profile and site history. 

I would recommend using a tool like Ahrefs or SEMRush to get a complete historical link profile. Be on the lookout for anything suspicious such as large numbers of PBN links, links from foreign websites, and too many non-contextual links from link spam.

With site history, I recommend using a tool like the Wayback Machine to see all archived websites previously built on the domain. Pay particular attention to websites associated with adult materials or used for spam or building PBNs.

4. Purchase Your Domain

After you’ve settled on at domain, you can add it to your cart and purchase it. Purchases will take place immediately, and you can have your new domain transferred typically on the same business day.

There may be cases with new domains on the marketplace where you will have a waiting period of a few business days. However, in most cases, you will immediately gain access to your domain.

One final thing you will need to think about before completing your purchase is whether you want Odys to build your website for you. On the checkout page, you will see on the right-hand side an option for purchasing content websites.

This can be a good way to go if you are new to site building and have plenty of starting capital. Allowing Odys to handle your content creation can remove a lot of the work such as finding writers and managing the process. 

4 Major Benefits of Aged Domains

Most top-level website builders I know of are using aged domains to provide an added advantage due to the following benefits.

1. Existing Backlink Profile

One of the primary benefits of purchasing aged domains is the existing backlink profile, which often includes high DA sites.

If you’ve built websites before, you already know that link building can be incredibly time-consuming and expensive to do yourself. I’ve known authority site builders who have spent over half their budget alone on link building.

Top aged domains on sites like Odys have link profiles that can help you save thousands on your first links and shorten the time it takes for your site to see results.

2. Potential Brand Recognition

Your mileage will vary here, but I’ve seen some well-known domains sold on the Odys marketplace. 

While there are some disadvantages to purchasing a domain with brand recognition, the benefits can’t be overlooked.

A domain associated with an established brand means there is a built-in audience. If you’re building a website similar to what was there before, that audience will likely keep using your site.

Having flipped websites for over 12 years, I can tell you that a solid brand can significantly increase the value of your site. Good branding is so effective that larger companies typically spend thousands to hundreds of thousands to get their branding correct.

Purchasing a domain with that brand recognition can save you tons of money and decrease the time it takes to build an audience. Potentially, this can also reduce the time to profit.

3. Adds Value To Your Website

Depending on the brandability, backlink profile, and what was on the domain previously, I’ve found that an aged domain can increase the value of your website and the price it can command when sold. 

One of the primary reasons people purchase websites is to hold profit-generating assets and cut down the time it takes to see an ROI. An aged domain can help contribute to both of those ends.

It’s impossible to predict precisely how much value an aged domain can contribute to your website. However, I can attest that people are willing to pay more for websites built on solid aged domains with robust and clean link profiles.

4. Potential For Some Traffic

If the aged domain you purchased was previously associated with a well-trafficked website, there might still be residual traffic coming into the domain. 

In some cases, that residual traffic can be pretty significant and boost your own traffic generation efforts.

I’ve found the most optimal way to utilize residual traffic from aged domains is to build a website on the domain similar to the one that was there before. This ensures the content matches what existing traffic is looking for, making them more likely to return.

Pros and Cons of Odys Global

If you’re looking for a quick summary of the upside and downside of Odys Global, no worries, I have you covered.

The primary benefit to purchasing an aged domain on the platform is they offer over a thousand premium domains. Each of the domains on the marketplace is thoroughly vetted, cutting down the time you need for due diligence.

While the Odys marketplace is undoubtedly one of the best, the primary downside is its price. Premium domains come with premium prices. New site builders may be turned off by the costs and uncertain ROI when first starting.


  1. High-quality domains thoroughly vetted
  2. Easy to filter domains based on your desired criteria
  3. Domains in multiple languages including, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, etc.
  4. Trusted by some of the most renowned SEO experts


  1. High prices owing to the quality of each domain

3 Steps To Find The Perfect Domain On Odys

Choosing the right domain for your website can be challenging, with over a thousand potentially great domains. Especially if you’re new to the platform or this is your first time using aged domains.

Because domains on the platform can be expensive, it’s essential to understand what you should be looking for and what metrics to evaluate each domain by.

1. Rely On Expert Picks

The best place to start if you’re new to buying aged domains is the expert picks section on the Odys blog.

Odys regularly brings in experts like myself to review different domains on the platform and pick their top choices. 

What makes this an excellent way to find a new domain is you’re getting recommendations chosen based on strategies already proven to work. 

In the expert roundup I provided, I was able to bring in my decade-plus of experience flipping websites to choose domains I was certain would provide site builders with immediate value.

These expert roundup articles are a great place to start if you’re not sure what your looking for and don’t want to waste money purchasing the wrong domain.

2. Do Your Own Due Diligence

Whether you’ve found a domain from the expert roundups or from searching through the marketplace, it’s now on you to conduct due diligence to see if the domain is right for your website.

Odys makes this easy by allowing you to see different metrics for each domain, including:

  1. SEO Value
  2. Domain Rank
  3. Referring Domains
  4. Sites the Domain Was Featured On
  5. Price

You can also see what previous websites were on the domain and historical screenshots. These are particularly important to pay attention to.

While Odys evaluates all websites that make it to their marketplace, it is impossible to analyze every domain perfectly. 

So, you need to make sure the domain you’re interested in was never used for things like adult sites, foreign gambling sites, marketplaces for illicit substances, spam, PBNs, or similar sites you wouldn’t want to be associated with your brand should someone search.

Go through each domain you’re interested in and carefully look at each of the above metrics. Then, rank each in order of importance for your needs and list them out.

3. Plan Out Your Future Strategy

You’ve done your due diligence and found the perfect aged domain that meets all of your criteria and is within your price range. Now what?

It’s not something I see many people writing about, but if you don’t have an immediate plan for using your aged domain, you can quickly lose any benefits you would have gained.

For me, the most critical part of purchasing an aged domain is mapping out the pages on the previous website. It’s also crucial to know which pages had rankings and backlinks going to them.

You will need to create a 301 redirect for those pages to avoid losing any SEO value. Ensure you redirect pages to the most contextually relevant page on your new website and not just the homepage.

I also recommend prioritizing content creation for any pages ranking on the previous website or that had backlinks going to them.

Using the example of an Android device review site, if there are three pages with significant numbers of backlinks going to them, make sure you create those pages on your website.

So, let’s say the previous website was called AndroidAwesome.com. The three pages with the most backlinks are:

  • AndroidAwesome.com/top-android-devices-for-college-students
  • AndroidAwesome.com/best-android-devices-for-professionals
  • AndroidAwesome.com/how-to-format-your-android-device

Since you are creating another Android review site, you would want to prioritize the creation of content that matches the user intent for these pages. 

Do not just redirect these pages to a random page or the homepage, as this does not match user intent. Instead, you want to create content that matches user intent and either uses the exact URL or create a 301 redirect from the old URL to your new URL. Ex:

  • “Top-android-devices-for-college-students” to “devices-for-students”

If you have a solid plan and act quickly, you can easily preserve the SEO value of your aged domain and get the most out of your investment.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

While the above information can help you evaluate Odys and their aged domain marketplace, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Odys to see if the service is right for you.

How long does it take to gain access to Odys?

It can take between one and three days to gain access to Odys. The market is invite-only, ensuring that quality buyers gain access for the right reasons.

To access the website, you will need to register and answer a few questions about why you want access to Odys. 

You will then be required to verify your email, and, between one and three days later, you should gain access to the website, assuming your information was correct.

What payment methods are accepted? 

The payment methods accepted by Odys include all major debit cards and credit cards, PayPal, TransferWise, and bank transfers.

Odys is also setting up the system to accept crypto payments. Though, as of Q1 2022, this had not yet been enacted.

Do aged domains infringe trademark registrations?

Aged domains can infringe on trademark registrations. This will usually happen if you purchase an aged domain through a market that doesn’t vet listings and when you don’t conduct proper due diligence.

This is one of the reasons it’s recommended to use a reputable aged domain marketplace such as Odys. Companies like Odys have a strict vetting process to ensure their listings don’t violate trademarks and have clean link profiles and site histories.

Alternatives To Odys Global

While Odys is one of the largest marketplaces for aged domains and also one of the most reputable in terms of their vetting process, there are other websites you should be aware of.

As with Odys, and any other domain marketplace, always conduct proper due diligence when purchasing an aged domain. Time taken to vet your investment early on can lead to solid returns later.

Serp Domains Review

Serp Domains is another high-quality marketplace for premium aged domains. As with Odys, Serp Domains has a strenuous vetting and due diligence process to help weed out spammy domains.

According to their website, the company adds an average of 150 domains each month, with new domains added weekly. If you don’t find something in your niche, you can contact them directly with special requests. 

The company offers a refund policy and guarantees that every domain sold on their marketplace is spam-free and is either currently indexed by Google or fully indexable by Google.

SerpNames Review

SerpNames is another of the top names in the aged domain industry, with over eight years in business and thousands of domains sold.

I’ve personally used SerpNames in the past and found it to be a quality service. All of their aged domains are vetted, and they do a superb job of providing a quality and friction-free service.

The company has a vast catalog of domains tailored to niche and authority website builders, bloggers, agency owners, and SEO experts. You can also find domains in different languages.

One difference from Odys is you don’t have to get approval to sign up for the platform. Instead, SerpNames makes it easy to sign up free for an account. The company also makes it easy to check out various stats and backlink profiles for each domain in their marketplace.

Takeaway – Is Odys Worth It?

Odys is definitely worth trying if you are looking for high-quality aged domains and don’t want to spend hours looking through low-quality auction marketplaces.

Having successfully flipped over 200+ websites, I can definitively state having a platform like Odys to buy vetted aged domains can save significant time. 

These are all premium domains with clean link profiles vetted by real people. So, you should be prepared to pay premium prices in the thousands for each domain. However, if you treat this as an investment and have a solid plan for how you will use that aged domain, you can quickly see substantial returns. 

Overall, I believe that Odys is an excellent marketplace for aged domains and one you should seriously consider if you’re looking for a new domain to build a profitable website.

Mushfiq is the founder of Stream-SEO.com. He has 14+ years of experience in all things digital marketing. His forte is buying, growing, and selling online businesses. He has done 218+ website flips to date since 2008.